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Story Time…

Hello, my name is Tola and my story starts in 1992…jk jk, you don’t need all that boring info. It all begins when I started a blog(Style & Forks RIP😭) in 2015. The original focus was fashion, food, art, etc. but my main interest soon shifted. I was much more excited writing about art or working on creative projects. This eventually leads to spotlight interviews which featured women in the creative arts. I fell in love with this project and quickly learned that women are majorly underrepresented in the art world! If asked to name great female artists, most will probably mention Frida Kahlo or Georgia O’Keeffe…and that’s probably it(how many can you name?). That makes me quite sad and it inspired me to start anew with Bon Femmes. There are SO MANY amazing female artists and nothing makes me happier than sharing their beautiful work!

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Listen with me…