Desert Bandana - Terracotta

Desert Bandana - Terracotta


Screen printed with water-based inks on natural cotton fabric, the serene Desert Bandana can be worn as an accessory, framed or simply pinned on a wall.

“This design features a desert snake encircling the sun. Within the sun is a landscape with native desert plants and a hot sun. I lived in the desert near Joshua Tree for a few years, and I am continually inspired by the unique plants, animals, and landscapes of the region” - Elana Gabrielle

  • 22 x 22”

  • Handwash gently, tumble or line dry

  • Handmade in USA by Elana Gabrielle

*Due to the printing process, each bandana is unique and may vary slightly.

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About the Maker:

“Elana Gabrielle is a multidisciplinary illustrator, maker, and designer of printed textile and paper goods. Her work is influenced by the wild and varied landscapes of the West Coast where she grew up, from misty mountains and foggy beaches to dusty desert valleys. Using cut paper collage, painting, screen printing, and textile design, she weaves the natural world into her creations.

Her handmade goods embody the natural world in both form and function, using sustainable practices and natural fibers, dyes, and inks and a focus on simplicity and attention to detail. Elana’s goods invite mindful interaction with nature both in the home and in the wild, and encourage care for the world around you.” - Elana Gabrielle