The Easiest Tassel Earring Tutorial


It appears I'm feeling very motivated for DIY projects right now! Strangely, this weeks project was actually inspired by my laziness. I was feeling creative and knew I wanted to work on another project but I didn't want to make the trip to the craft store. This challenged my creativity because I had to work with materials I had in my apartment. Fortunately, my years of collecting random crafting materials came in handy for this project. I have a plethora of embroidery floss and knew I wanted to make some sort of jewelry so naturally, I thought of tassels. For some odd reason, it took me a while to decide to attach the tassels to hoops, I'm not sure if it's because it was six in the morning or because most tassel earrings are multi-layered and long. Then it suddenly hit me, I've been wearing hoops almost daily so why not tszuj them up! This realization made me happy because I didn't have to use any fancy tools and hardware, all I needed was embroidery floss and my hoop earrings. I realize I probably describe ALL my tutorials as easy but this one is next level easy because the hardest part is probably tying the knot on the tassel. It was also really difficult deciding which colors to use but you can’t go wrong with a pink to red gradient. 



  • Hoop Earrings

  • Embroidery Thread

  • Scissors



1. Wrap the thread around two fingers and cut.


3. Wrap the loose ends  of the thread around the top of the loop then tie and knot to secure tassel.


2. Insert the earring into the center of the loops.  


4. Repeat steps 1-3 with desired colors. Repeat on second earring and that's it! You have two new earrings!